Circle Border Logo Images, Page 1

Circle Border Logo Images, Page 1

Item# imagec120
Enter Image Logo Number:
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Image size is 1-3/8" Diameter

NOTE: Wording can be modified; images, layout, size, and fonts cannot.

Enter your image selection and the name to be engraved in the windows provided above.

Base price is for Flame Heated Branding Iron shown in 2nd photo. You may choose to upgrade your tool with the following options:

OPTIONAL: BRAND-FIRSTís Model BF-125 Electric Heated Branding Iron, shown in 3rd photo, has the same engraved image head on our easy to use electric iron. Comes with a bench top tool stand to hold the iron while heating, between brands, and cooling down. Select from pull down window above.

OPTIONAL: BRAND-FIRSTís Model BF-MTC-1 temperature regulator, shown in 4th photo, plugs in between your electrical outlet and the branding tool and enables you to adjust the tool's temperature for a more uniform brand.

OPTIONAL: BRAND-FIRSTís wood storage box, shown in 5th photo, makes the perfect gift box for your custom made branding iron. The storage box will accommodate either Flame or Electric heated branding tool. Select from pull down window above.
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